Wednesday, June 28

Ride Rouncy

Rouncy is a new girls riding apparel line. I have no idea what 'Rouncy' stands for, but they have some pretty cute basics. They also apparently sponsor three "Gallop Girls," steeplechaser Danille Hodsdon, well known eventer Sara Davis, and accomplished inetcollegiate hunter rider Brittany Kekelis. All they need now are a dressage rider and jumper rider. Check them out

Sunday, June 18

I Want to Live Like Animal

I personally love Charles Owen helmets. I can remember the first one I ever got... It was so comfortable, I was running around the house telling all my family to feel the deerskin chinstrap. Since then, its the only helmet I'll buy. Now, the GR8s are popular. (I think that they are EVEN MORE comfortable.) First the helmet started out in either black, navy, black/silver, black/charcoal or navy/silver. Now, lets just say that there are a few more options:

First, the relatively subtle silver and pink. I like this one a lot, actually.

A slightly more out there pink GR8 is the new breast cancer awareness one, that Ive only seen at Smart Pak thus far... It is the most expensive GR8 you can get at $304 is the Lilac/Pale Blue. I believe that Emma Winter wears this one now for XC, but I havent seen anyone else wear it...Almost in the fashion of the GPAs, Charles Owen has spiffied up their stripes... sometimes taking stripes...literally. First is the new black with green stripe, which is $300.

If my XC colors were black and green, which they were for a season, actually, i would be sure to invest in this. I think that a helmet like this for xc is something George Morris would like. It helps coordinate, but its not blindingly bright and bold, like say, the pale blue and pink ones.

Now comes the most...different... GR8s. I havent seen one person in this yet, not in a magazine, at a show or event, not in any tack shops, nada. Feast your eyes on these wild beauties. The Charles Owen GR8 "Cowskin" and "Giraffe." These, i believe are adorable. It makes me want to go back to the days where everyone had animal print pads. We would all get ready for XC in our jaguar polo wraps, helmet covers, saddle pads... those riding pants with the jaguar stripe down the side. I dont really know that one of these GR8 helmets would be that practical as I dont have any occasion to wear a helmet like this, other than schooling... and im sure that this helmet is not really priced at schooling-helmet level. sigh. But I think that these helmets would also be so cool to wear to small jumper shows or something like that.

Saturday, June 17

Old Time O'Halloran

Since I think that most people wouldn't be too interested in most of the O'Halloran Co 'Equestrian Apparel & Sportswear,' I'll just showcase a few especially attractive pieces.

One that I actually would wear is the Breckenridge Pullover... $120. It comes in my colors (Atleast I think robin egg blue would cover it...) and it would be good for layering for a winter clinic. Its quite preppy and cute, actually... Wishlist perhaps?

Then theres the Benjamin West Barn Coat. $338. It is totally something my mom would wear. Then she would buy the matching pad and all the blankets and sheets and overwhelm me with tackiness. O lord.

And this cracks me up... the Winning Colors Barn Coat. AND ITS $420!!! Kid version is $236.

Oh O'Halloran Co!

So more of my best new discovery, O'Halloran Co. This time, saddle pads.

There are so many good ones!!!

First, are the shaped pads.
Theres the BWC Wool Saddle Pads, which go for $119 and come in all purpose, dressage, and close contact in Exceller Check, Phar Lap Plaid, Winning Colors Stripe, and Seabiscuit. I think that $119 is a bit much for it when your not going to really even see much of the pad's design...ofcourse it is wool...

Then theres a slightly cheaper option at $98, the Tartan Saddle Pad, which comes in Ballymore Check, New Forest Plaid, and Red Barn Plaid. The color combos arent nearly as cute and has the BWC and has only a wool lining instead of being totally made of wool.

Next are the much more practical square pads.
An absolute gorgeous option is the Pershing Saddle Pad. It has a wool center, Houndstooth or December Donogal design, and a velvet trim. At $130, its very compliment-worthy and since it is square, people will see it under your saddle!

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is the Toile Saddle Pad at $120. It has an awesome victorian/old english design on it, comes in my colors (light blue, navy blue, white) and is quite unique as well as subtle. Comes in Cornflower Blue and Maple Brown. The dressage version of the Cornflower is officially on my wish list!!!

Lastly but not least are the Cotton and Canvas pads. They are both $105 but a little different in style. The Cotton one comes in denim and blackwatch and is said to be more of a schooling pad and the canvas looks to be like a very fancy clinic or schooling pad. The black and wheat canvas pad actually would be nice for a palomino or for dressage.

UP NEXT FROM O'HALLORAN CO., RIDER APPAREL. I think that the horse apparel could be used by anyone, but the rider apparel is a little too old-looking for younger riders (I wouldnt really want to wear some...most... of it. (Im sure my mom would love to though, lol.)

Sunday, June 11

Jackie Kennedy Would Smile.

I just stumbled upon O'Halloran Co.'s Equestrian and Country Collection, a gorgeous collection of horse and and sportswear apparel. I suggest you browse for yourself but here are some highlights of the "blankets and sheets" collections, different collections of rider apparel and horsewear will follow soon.


This is the Ben West Exercise Rug, $219. Here is what they say about it: "Keep your horse warm in this custom-designed 100% Scottish wool quarter sheet piped in velvet. The superior wool absorbs moisture vapor from the hair and skin leaving a dry layer of insulating air between the horse’s body and the sheet, while also allowing freedom of movement. With a Velcro front closure, it fastens under the saddle or over your lap for added warmth for you on cold days." The price is a little steep, but i would defintely have invested in this if i hadnt already dropped a few nickels to have a custom light blue/dark blue exercise rug made for my beast. Comes in this color, "Exceller Stripes," and two others, not shown on website, called "Sea Biscuit" and "Winning Stripes." See examples of the design in other products below:

This is the Benjamin West Dress Sheet. It retails for $425. They call it three different things on the website... a "dress sheet," "dress blanket," and "quarter sheet," but i decided to call it a dress sheet since that is what I am most accustmed to. They say about the product: "Dress your horse to the nines in this stunning, custom-designed 100% wool blanket. The wool is the highest quality imported from Scotland. The blanket features leather buckles, hidden roller surcingles, and elastic leg straps for a perfect fit, and it’s piped in velvet for that extra-special touch. " ABOSLUTELY STUNNING! To the right is the design "Winning Stripes." To the Left is "Sea Biscuit." "Exceller Stripes above in exercise rug cut.

Just looking at these rugs makes me think of a misy morning in England. But, just wait, the other products are even more crave-worthy.

I'll Just Let Them Do it For Me

Tuesday, June 6

Perfect for a Rainy Day

This new jacket from Kerrits, the Kerrits 24 K Jacket promises to be "the new standard" for show coats. I think that it would be perfect for a jumper course, or show jumping during an unrecognized event or even a recognized event when it is pouring down raining and they waive conventional gear (but, ofcourse, you still want to look fabulous.) It repels water, and is breathable! It also will match along nicely with all our other high-tech equiptment these days (GPAs, flex & system stirrups, etc.) And at only $146, and with free shipping for a week through June 12 at Bit of Britain, it would be nice to have.

Sunday, June 4

Holy Helmet!

So, I personally think that everyone should wear helmets and hate to see anyone riding (especially schooling or jumping) without them. And, if one can afford it,I say why not get a cute or "en vogue" one, like one of the many different kinds of GPAs or GR8 Charles Owens? But there comes a time when a line is crossed.

This, my friend, is the new GPA Highlite. It retails for about $1400 and comes in three color combinations alternating between black, brown, and tan. To pay that much for a helmet, it better be indestructible and protect my whole body. I've already seen some upper level jumper people riding in them, and I'm sure that hunter/eq people will follow quickly. Who knows how long it will be before eventers have these babies. I love the fact that so many eventers ride in their vented Troxel helmets for all three phases...and win! Its so great to see a sport where you can have reasonably priced tack and can still be competitive.