Friday, May 19

Pretty Pony Pastels

I must admit that one of my absolutely favorite current equestrian trends is pastel colors. The trend was barely beginning when I got my new horse and declared that all of his clothing would be light blue and navy. I wanted "cuter" colors for me without making my horse lose his sense of masculinity in pink or purple. I thought that it would be a hassle to find a lot of products with this color combo and was searching around for some good custom sites when many companies starting making more and more products with it. Now, its almost easier to find products with baby blues, light pinks, lilacs, etc.


I absolutely love the color of
Rambo's Amigo Range. The price and look are perfect for teenage riders, and everything in the line (saddle pads, halters, stable, turnout, coolers, leadlines, shipping boots) coordinates, so it takes a lot of time out of searching through different lines.

There are all different kinds of boots and wraps in pastels nowadays including these:

$22, Davis

The best option is Smart Pak Equine (along with Kensington)'s Smart Pink Plaid and Smart Blue Plaid Lines. Portions of the proceeds go to Breast Caner Research and Equine Aid, respectively.


For a few years h/j's have been experimenting with pastels through show shirts, but now everyone can be in on the trend:

I personally only ride in black pants to school because i hate to worry about getting stains on my pants, but if i didnt, i would defenitely consider picking up a pair of these babies, Kerrits Equestrian Activewear Pocket Sport Tight:

How adorable!

New in at Dover but already being worn by big names like Mary King (Below, Schooling at Badmiton '06), is the Joules Beaufort Polo Shirt, $50, which comes in three cute color combinations

A Bang of Boots

Looking over at fotodecadent a while back and I saw these from an older (like 2001) Vogue Editorial, but it still makes a point:

Ah, of only it was possible to ride in boots like these. It got me to thinking, there are more options to riding boots then your simple tall black boots or plain chaps. Ways to make a fashion statement without looking like an idiot.

For the rider with a large budget, the best option is definitely DerDau Boots:

Photo From
Der-Dau are abosolutely gorgeous custom-made boots. They come in quite a selection of colors, styles, and with an amazing range of options. Through places such as Equestrian Collections, you can purchase "semi-custom" tall boots in black as well as some different (but more neutral) colors. But, the truely fashion forward boots, such as in the photo above, come through the dealer. Retail on these puppies is from around $400.

For the people with a slightly (okay, much smaller) budget, options include some adorable color half chaps such as these pink Dublin ones, for a mere $30 from Equestrian Collections. Also come in purple.
Or these Ovation ones, $35, which i like because you can either go all out in color or get the neutral ones with just a hint.