Sunday, November 19

Equestrian Styles with Equestrian Stars

Remember my post on Equestrian styles translating into real life fashion?

Well now you can see these styles on horseback riding celebrities in an article by Washington Life Magazine!

Friday, November 3

Fashion Horse...hmm

As you hopefully know, this blog is called "Fashion Horse," so you can see I was quite enthuized to see an ad for a place called Fashion Horse in a bunch of equine mags recently. Went there... and was sad to find that its a place with whimiscal saddle pads. I love them, but just never have a place to ride in blue cheetah print pads :-[
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Not all bad news though, my friend!!

Actually, I did find some cute stuff... A burberry-print pad that those who loved the boots in one of my older posts will definitely enjoy as well as a few more decent-looking pads.

Also some nice saddle covers. There is one in particular, a blue check one, that would look splendid on my jumping saddle (since I just misplaced mine)...and its only $20!