Thursday, August 31

More Bang For Your Buck, Steep or Steel #2

Im in the market for some open front boots, and in my searches, I have found two possible options. They are quite similar but they're prices are quite different.

First, the Italia Open Fronts from Beval. $126 for the "base." From that, you have to purchase an insert, $56 for the leather, for the $39 rubber, and $77 for the sheepskin. So if you want sheepskin open fronts, itll be over $200. Ofcourse you have the option of taking the sheepskin out, but I can show you a product so much better.

So far I have only seen this at Equestrian Collections, but lo and behold the amazing new Kelley Equestrian Collection Convertible Open Front Tendon Boot. This set comes with a set of dark brown open fronts, and a set of fleece inserts and a set of neoprene inserts, all for the cool price of $140. So what if its fleece and not sheepksin... its going on my horses legs in all conditions anyway.

Friday, August 18

Now This Takes Designer Boots to a Whole New Level...

Recently while browsing wonderful old Ebay, I stumbled across a quite interesting pair of boots... "Cream Check Synthetic Eventer Brushing Boots" Apparently they are for cross country riding, foxhunting, point to point, etc. They look like they'd be quite protective but whats weird is that they are in Burberry Plaid. This reminds me of when I went through my Louis Vuitton phase when I had the ridiculous idea that I could run around in all LV-print XC gear... wow. So, if you ever wanted to do the same with Burberry, these could be the boots for you! And no, they are not actually made my Burberry...atleast I would hope not... but its definitely a planned resemblance. $114 (they are imported from England, 60 pounds)

The Very First Steep or Steal!

Unlike human clothing, we use equine clothing and tack for more important reasons other than looking cute. This doesnt mean that you cant look cute but extra caution must be made that the product is safe and well made. In this posts as well as many more to follow, I will show an expensive item and then a much cheaper item that is cute, cheap, and most importantly, just as good quality.

First up, sheepskin pads:

Lo and behold, The Cadillac of all sheepskin pads, the Mattes Dressage Saddle Pad, $172.80

$172.80 not in your budget right now?
No biggie, check out the Roma 100% Merino Wool Dressage Pad instead, for almost $100 less, a nice $74.95

Thursday, August 10

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Wednesday, August 2

Meet Me 1/2 Way

I dont know if these are necessarily new, but Equissential has a line of breeches called the "Dressage Patch." They have an exteneded knee patch reaching up till about 6 inches below the top of the inside thigh. I guess the point is that you can have more grip in the thigh but have your seatbones free. It totally makes sense, however, in dressage, I am strictly a full seat kind of girl. They retail for $130.