Thursday, August 31

More Bang For Your Buck, Steep or Steel #2

Im in the market for some open front boots, and in my searches, I have found two possible options. They are quite similar but they're prices are quite different.

First, the Italia Open Fronts from Beval. $126 for the "base." From that, you have to purchase an insert, $56 for the leather, for the $39 rubber, and $77 for the sheepskin. So if you want sheepskin open fronts, itll be over $200. Ofcourse you have the option of taking the sheepskin out, but I can show you a product so much better.

So far I have only seen this at Equestrian Collections, but lo and behold the amazing new Kelley Equestrian Collection Convertible Open Front Tendon Boot. This set comes with a set of dark brown open fronts, and a set of fleece inserts and a set of neoprene inserts, all for the cool price of $140. So what if its fleece and not sheepksin... its going on my horses legs in all conditions anyway.


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