Wednesday, July 12

A New Kind of Designer Boots

For eventing, most people (including myself) go all out in color-coordinated gear for the xc phase. This can sometimes be pretty expensive, with a loooot of custom gear. But now, one thing that has become easier to get your hands on (and usually can find in your colors) are brushing boots. Many different companies have stepped up to the plate and designed some fun colorful boots in all different (actually all pretty well-priced, but theres a little difference in costs) price ranges. Some companies include Woof, N.E.W., and Nunn Finer.

Definitely the cheapest (and from what I've seen, most popular) choice for colorful boots is the Woof Club Boot, $30. They have been around for a little over a year or so now and, and, especially at the lower levels, where, frankly, most horses dont even need boots, these are seen...CONSTANTLY. They come in black with basically every color stripes and even have an option of a colored base with a black strike pad and straps. I like these because they are cheap, pretty, and get the job done. However, they really dont fit the legs that well (they are basically just a slab of neoprene, a strike pad, and some straps to hold them on.) They arent molded to fit the legs but will definitely protect! I have had a few pairs of these and know a bunch of people who also have them and theres nothing too good or bad to say about them!

A little more expensive but much more protective boot from Woof is the Woof Brushing Boot, $58. I absolutely LOVE these boots, although I have them in the double lock kind, which currently only come in solid black and white. Woof Brushing Boots stay on, fit well, and most of all, protect. I always see these boots on event horses, all the way up the levels.

Just this year, Nunn Finer added some colorful straps to their aleady popular Nunn Finer Brushing Boots, $47. They are very obviously competition of the Woof Brushing Boots, and at $10 cheaper, may just be a better choice. I have encountered these first hand and have to say they are pretty darn nice, but I have never had the oppurtunity to use them.


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