Sunday, June 4

Holy Helmet!

So, I personally think that everyone should wear helmets and hate to see anyone riding (especially schooling or jumping) without them. And, if one can afford it,I say why not get a cute or "en vogue" one, like one of the many different kinds of GPAs or GR8 Charles Owens? But there comes a time when a line is crossed.

This, my friend, is the new GPA Highlite. It retails for about $1400 and comes in three color combinations alternating between black, brown, and tan. To pay that much for a helmet, it better be indestructible and protect my whole body. I've already seen some upper level jumper people riding in them, and I'm sure that hunter/eq people will follow quickly. Who knows how long it will be before eventers have these babies. I love the fact that so many eventers ride in their vented Troxel helmets for all three phases...and win! Its so great to see a sport where you can have reasonably priced tack and can still be competitive.


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