Saturday, March 17

I'm Back! Now Prep for Show Season!

For some luckly people your show season may already be in full swing... but for most were still waiting for snow to melt... rain and wind stop...

So while we're waiting for the new season, why not spend these last blustery weeks spiffing up your current show wear so you can step out ready to kick some ass?

I personally want to change the buttons on my coat... just maybe not with these. Ive been checking out Dressage Extensions and saw these crystal buttons. $60 for a set that would give you 4 crystal buttons down the front and three on each sleeve. If you like bling (please fad, LEAVE!) then you might like these button-spiffer-uppers. I personally think they would look tacky and kind of gawdy but Id have to actually see them on a jacket... they might actually be subtle and nice. But for me, I think im going to stick with the classic brass-or-silver buttons on my dressage jacket!

Wednesday, January 10

Sorry for the VERY VERY Long Absence

Hey Guys.

I know I haven't been around for awhile. I was busy and then planning this whole line of posts before the holidays and then my life got ridiculously busy. and then the holidays came. and now i have midterms in two weeks. but fear not, I will be back soon with the creative juices flowing, ready for some fantastic new posts!

Have some ideas/comments/questions?

Leave it in a comment on one of my posts, or better yet, leave a comment/send me a message on my myspace. you can try my email but i barely every check it... might be awhile.

So keep on checking the site, posts will be up soon!

Thanks for your support!

Monday, December 4

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Friday, December 1

Gucci and Horses

Remember my old post on the Gucci saddle? At that point it looked more in the AP style and was already sold out. But now, my friends, Gucci has created a new prettier, more fancy shmancy saddle... for the cool price of $11,000 once again. I think this saddle is actually a really nice product. It looks well made with the normal Gucci attention to detail such as Gs all over the place, embossing the knee pads, seat, and stirrup leathers.
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Gucci actually now has added a bunch of equestrian-inspired or should i say equestrian-emulating pieces to their line. They have tons of bags...fur, leather, fabric, all adorned with full Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingcheek french link bits. Now I only have one question.
Where do they get these bits? Tack stores? Knowing Gucci I am sure that they are specially made by like Tiffany & Co or something, but I wonder where the less expensive brands get there "bits" you see everywhere.
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Gucci also has a gorgous bit-printed scarf. Another hot item is a leather toy horse for decoration for about $2,000. Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Sunday, November 19

Equestrian Styles with Equestrian Stars

Remember my post on Equestrian styles translating into real life fashion?

Well now you can see these styles on horseback riding celebrities in an article by Washington Life Magazine!

Friday, November 3

Fashion Horse...hmm

As you hopefully know, this blog is called "Fashion Horse," so you can see I was quite enthuized to see an ad for a place called Fashion Horse in a bunch of equine mags recently. Went there... and was sad to find that its a place with whimiscal saddle pads. I love them, but just never have a place to ride in blue cheetah print pads :-[
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Not all bad news though, my friend!!

Actually, I did find some cute stuff... A burberry-print pad that those who loved the boots in one of my older posts will definitely enjoy as well as a few more decent-looking pads.

Also some nice saddle covers. There is one in particular, a blue check one, that would look splendid on my jumping saddle (since I just misplaced mine)...and its only $20!

Sunday, October 22

Support, now on Sale!

One of my favorite items from my last post is now on sale at one of my favorite places, Tack of the Day! $37 plus shipping. Support breast cancer today!!! Sale ends tomorrow, 10/23 so hurry, i know I will!