Sunday, June 18

I Want to Live Like Animal

I personally love Charles Owen helmets. I can remember the first one I ever got... It was so comfortable, I was running around the house telling all my family to feel the deerskin chinstrap. Since then, its the only helmet I'll buy. Now, the GR8s are popular. (I think that they are EVEN MORE comfortable.) First the helmet started out in either black, navy, black/silver, black/charcoal or navy/silver. Now, lets just say that there are a few more options:

First, the relatively subtle silver and pink. I like this one a lot, actually.

A slightly more out there pink GR8 is the new breast cancer awareness one, that Ive only seen at Smart Pak thus far... It is the most expensive GR8 you can get at $304 is the Lilac/Pale Blue. I believe that Emma Winter wears this one now for XC, but I havent seen anyone else wear it...Almost in the fashion of the GPAs, Charles Owen has spiffied up their stripes... sometimes taking stripes...literally. First is the new black with green stripe, which is $300.

If my XC colors were black and green, which they were for a season, actually, i would be sure to invest in this. I think that a helmet like this for xc is something George Morris would like. It helps coordinate, but its not blindingly bright and bold, like say, the pale blue and pink ones.

Now comes the most...different... GR8s. I havent seen one person in this yet, not in a magazine, at a show or event, not in any tack shops, nada. Feast your eyes on these wild beauties. The Charles Owen GR8 "Cowskin" and "Giraffe." These, i believe are adorable. It makes me want to go back to the days where everyone had animal print pads. We would all get ready for XC in our jaguar polo wraps, helmet covers, saddle pads... those riding pants with the jaguar stripe down the side. I dont really know that one of these GR8 helmets would be that practical as I dont have any occasion to wear a helmet like this, other than schooling... and im sure that this helmet is not really priced at schooling-helmet level. sigh. But I think that these helmets would also be so cool to wear to small jumper shows or something like that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What website did you find the GR8 w/ the hunter green stripe on?

5/23/2008 9:16 PM  

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