Saturday, June 17

Old Time O'Halloran

Since I think that most people wouldn't be too interested in most of the O'Halloran Co 'Equestrian Apparel & Sportswear,' I'll just showcase a few especially attractive pieces.

One that I actually would wear is the Breckenridge Pullover... $120. It comes in my colors (Atleast I think robin egg blue would cover it...) and it would be good for layering for a winter clinic. Its quite preppy and cute, actually... Wishlist perhaps?

Then theres the Benjamin West Barn Coat. $338. It is totally something my mom would wear. Then she would buy the matching pad and all the blankets and sheets and overwhelm me with tackiness. O lord.

And this cracks me up... the Winning Colors Barn Coat. AND ITS $420!!! Kid version is $236.


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