Saturday, June 17

Oh O'Halloran Co!

So more of my best new discovery, O'Halloran Co. This time, saddle pads.

There are so many good ones!!!

First, are the shaped pads.
Theres the BWC Wool Saddle Pads, which go for $119 and come in all purpose, dressage, and close contact in Exceller Check, Phar Lap Plaid, Winning Colors Stripe, and Seabiscuit. I think that $119 is a bit much for it when your not going to really even see much of the pad's design...ofcourse it is wool...

Then theres a slightly cheaper option at $98, the Tartan Saddle Pad, which comes in Ballymore Check, New Forest Plaid, and Red Barn Plaid. The color combos arent nearly as cute and has the BWC and has only a wool lining instead of being totally made of wool.

Next are the much more practical square pads.
An absolute gorgeous option is the Pershing Saddle Pad. It has a wool center, Houndstooth or December Donogal design, and a velvet trim. At $130, its very compliment-worthy and since it is square, people will see it under your saddle!

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE is the Toile Saddle Pad at $120. It has an awesome victorian/old english design on it, comes in my colors (light blue, navy blue, white) and is quite unique as well as subtle. Comes in Cornflower Blue and Maple Brown. The dressage version of the Cornflower is officially on my wish list!!!

Lastly but not least are the Cotton and Canvas pads. They are both $105 but a little different in style. The Cotton one comes in denim and blackwatch and is said to be more of a schooling pad and the canvas looks to be like a very fancy clinic or schooling pad. The black and wheat canvas pad actually would be nice for a palomino or for dressage.

UP NEXT FROM O'HALLORAN CO., RIDER APPAREL. I think that the horse apparel could be used by anyone, but the rider apparel is a little too old-looking for younger riders (I wouldnt really want to wear some...most... of it. (Im sure my mom would love to though, lol.)


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