Sunday, June 11

Jackie Kennedy Would Smile.

I just stumbled upon O'Halloran Co.'s Equestrian and Country Collection, a gorgeous collection of horse and and sportswear apparel. I suggest you browse for yourself but here are some highlights of the "blankets and sheets" collections, different collections of rider apparel and horsewear will follow soon.


This is the Ben West Exercise Rug, $219. Here is what they say about it: "Keep your horse warm in this custom-designed 100% Scottish wool quarter sheet piped in velvet. The superior wool absorbs moisture vapor from the hair and skin leaving a dry layer of insulating air between the horse’s body and the sheet, while also allowing freedom of movement. With a Velcro front closure, it fastens under the saddle or over your lap for added warmth for you on cold days." The price is a little steep, but i would defintely have invested in this if i hadnt already dropped a few nickels to have a custom light blue/dark blue exercise rug made for my beast. Comes in this color, "Exceller Stripes," and two others, not shown on website, called "Sea Biscuit" and "Winning Stripes." See examples of the design in other products below:

This is the Benjamin West Dress Sheet. It retails for $425. They call it three different things on the website... a "dress sheet," "dress blanket," and "quarter sheet," but i decided to call it a dress sheet since that is what I am most accustmed to. They say about the product: "Dress your horse to the nines in this stunning, custom-designed 100% wool blanket. The wool is the highest quality imported from Scotland. The blanket features leather buckles, hidden roller surcingles, and elastic leg straps for a perfect fit, and it’s piped in velvet for that extra-special touch. " ABOSLUTELY STUNNING! To the right is the design "Winning Stripes." To the Left is "Sea Biscuit." "Exceller Stripes above in exercise rug cut.

Just looking at these rugs makes me think of a misy morning in England. But, just wait, the other products are even more crave-worthy.


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I love the boots wearing by these ladies : )

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