Friday, July 14

Intelligent, Indeed

Recently, MDC Intelligent Stirrups has added some do-dahs to its already quite popular stirrups. Im usually opposed to anything made in this "bling" phase. I do remember a time where I drooled over the Otto Shumacher cabaret bridle, in baby blue, of course, and a Swarvoski-studded helmet stripe. But let me tell you, that was years ago. But now it has definitely gotten out of hand. Bling has turned from crystals to anything shiny and small... take the Centaur Bling Pad... No, its not covered in crystals, there are little pieces of metal in a strip on the bottom left side of the pad! It's $35 for a flimsy $5 pad with metal bits glued on.

Okay, recovering from my tangent, I actually like these new stirrups from MDC. Adding to their quite practical stirrups, they have embellished three different styles of MDC Intelligents... Black Ultimates, Stainless Ultimates, and Stainless Silver Comforts. Get them with a sterling plate and your choice of colored crystals: red, white, blue, pink. Range from $230-$270.

While your at it, why not add some of the new MDC Designer Spurs, which come in 5 different embellishment patterns, ranging from no crystals to blanketed in them: priced from $130-$190.


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